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Nice to see you! I hope you'll stay awhile and look around. This is a work in progress, and new things will pop up all the time, I hope, depending on how much time I have, so feel free to check back every now and then. I'm new at this, so don't expect anything fancy--my goal is to keep the site simple and easy to navigate and as quick as possible, but please be aware that there are lots of photos, so some pages may take a while to download. All of the photos on this site were taken by me and are of my fish and tanks except where otherwise indicated--so if there's anything you particularly like and would like to borrow for some reason, please do the right thing and ask me first!



My Tanks (Once Upon a Time)

My Tanks 2003 (Updated at last, still working on it)

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My Fish Have What?

Impulse Fish

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The Planted Tank --Getting Started

Evolution Of A Planted Tank--OR, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Algae

How to Wash Fluorite

About Vicki's Aquatic Place

Welcome to my NEW homepage; somehow this site grew past the first one in a hurry, and I figured I'd try to make it easier to get around my place. For those of you who don't know me, I'm female, married to the same guy for 31 years (still like him), have two wonderful grown sons, an aging, highly manipulative Weimaraner who still manages to stay one step ahead of me, and a job that requires me to work a lot harder and longer than I want to at this point in my life and seriously interferes with my hobby, which is, of course, fishkeeping. I've been keeping freshwater fish for twenty years or so, and in the last few years have expanded my hobby to include live aquatic plants. I wouldn't say the plants have taken over, exactly, because the fish are still the thing for me--but it's certainly added a wonderful new dimension to my hobby, and the fish and I both enjoy them immensely. In the last few years something else has changed, too--the internet has become a part of nearly all our lives, and has greatly expanded our ability to find people with common interests and to share our experiences, and that's something else I have enjoyed immensely! In that spirit, I've decided to share some of how I practice my hobby with you, along with pictures of my tanks, fish and plants. I'm in the process of armtwisting my friends to contribute some of their knowledge as well in the form of a series of articles; take a look at Information, Please for the first two of these, and at the Friends' Gallery for pictures. Please note that except for guest articles that appear in Information, Please, all the content on this site is mine, and is a reflection of my knowledge and experience. Everything I said here I believe or I wouldn't have said it, but that doesn't necessarily mean that you should, or that you should expect that if you follow my practices they will turn out the same way for you as they did for me. As many people have said (and as anyone who's been keeping fish for any length of time knows), fishkeeping is as much an art as it is a science, and there are many roads to success in this hobby. I'll have a Contact page up soon, and when that happens I would love to hear from you. In the meantime, I hope you find my place entertaining; I've certainly had a good time doing it! Oh, and please bear with me--I'm in the midst of redoing this site, and it's sort of schizophrenic at the moment, the new is mixed up with the old in a haphazard kind of way. You can see updated pictures of most of my tanks here.


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