Alan, better known as Ayoda to the Fishville family on AquaDen, is a psychologist residing on the Left Coast with his lovely wife and their totally irresistible son, Peter. I have to stay on Alan's good side--I wouldn't want to run the risk of him cutting off my Peter picture supply, I need fixes often! You can see why--here he is!!!



Oh, all right, fine--I suppose you'd like to see Alan's tanks, too! These and the wonderful picture of Peter above are from Alan's new digital camera. I'd say he's definitely getting the hang of it. Below are two pictures of Alan's planted 40 gallon, taken a month or so apart. It's part of the joy of planted tanks that they never look the same for very long.

Alan's tank
Alan's tank is a 40 gallon; filtration provided by an AC300, lighting is a 4x36 JBJ power compact fixture, and he uses a Carbo-Plus for CO2 injection; fertilization with Yamato Green.
a month or so late
The same tank, taken a month or so later. How do you keep that sword so nice and compact, Alan? That lovely blushing angel sure looks pretty with the plants--there's nothing like angelfish to make your plants look good, and vice versa.


Anyone who frequents AquaDen has heard about Alan's "swimming pigs"--the koi who inhabit his 100 gallon tank. Here is what the tank looks like:


koi  closeup And here's what the koi look like, up close and personal. Think they're hungry? These guys demand serious filtration; Alan uses a good old undergravel filter with two Hagen 802 powerheads to provide extra biological filtration and help out the Fluval 404 and 303 canisters that also filter this tank.

It's easy to see why Alan can't part with these guys. Their personality kind of shines right through, doesn't it? Guess that's why he doesn't mind doing those 90% water changes...
Alans Koi

Here's Alan's tank that he keeps at work. It's a 20 gallon lit with a dual NO fluorescent strip (30 watts total), AC 150 filter; extra carbon is provided by Flourish Excel, and fertilization by Yamato Green-N. This is a lovely, low-tech planted tank, and if you think that you need 3 wpg and pressurized CO2 to have beautiful plants, now you know better! You won't see more beautiful anubias in ANY tank than Alan has in this one.


20 gallon

And last but not least--PETER!!!

Peter and Friend

Undoubtedly just the first of many smitten women he'll encounter in his life. Looks like he has good taste, though--she's pretty cute herself!

OKAY, i'm ready, Alan. SEND MORE PICTURES! Oh, and you could send some more of your tanks, too, if you want.



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