Max and Erma Babies My favorite picture. Take enough of them, and every now and then you get a good one. These are some of the babies from my pair Max and Erma, you can see more of Mom and Dad here. This was taken when they were about ten months old. The best thing about this picture is that you can't tell how horribly overgrown the tank was at that moment!

A nice young pair, the first to spawn of the babies. Male is on the left, female on the right. A nice young pair

amazing irridescence Peruvian wild type coloration

Two more fish from the same spawn that both show the Peruvian wild type coloration to a marked degree. The guy on the left has amazing irridescence, he's just gorgeous, if I do say so myself! The picture on the right isn't the best, but I like the view of this guy's technicolor eye--bright red on one side, bright yellow on the other. know, pearling is swell, but sometimes it just plays havoc with your pictures if the fish happen to be at the back of the tank.


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