Here are some nice pictures of some of my friends' tanks. There's even a special, added, non-fish attraction--if there's no winter where you are (or even if there is), click HERE for a beautiful look at Wisconsin in winter, courtesy of Dawn. Some of her tank and fish pictures are below; to see Jan's tanks, click HERE, and to visit Pam's Page, click HERE. And to check out the latest addition, see Ayoda's tanks HERE.



Dawn's first planted tank

Well, one of them, anyway! This is Dawn's first planted tank, which she did with a substrate of gravel over a bag of Fluorite, a dual light strip and DIY CO2. This tank is doing so well it has caused me to nag her constantly to plant more tanks, and she's finally caved in in a big way...

her angel tank

as you can plainly see! This is her angel tank, which contains six beautiful no-longer-baby angels who happen to be the offspring of my own Max and Erma. Either I sent her all the prettiest ones or she did a heck of a job growing them out. The kids are soon to move into their new 65 gallon home and will probably be pairing off themselves before too much longer!

really nice crypt

Here's a really nice crypt in a 10 gallon cory tank. Below is a closer look at the cories.

what cories are supposed to look like

Friendly bunch, aren't they? Note nice long healthy barbels--now that's what cories are supposed to look like.

A pile o' clowns

A pile o' clowns, fat and happy. To give you some perspective, that piece of slate is 4-1/2 inches wide.

Synodontis eupterus

And here's the beautiful Moby Chick, one of Dawn's featherfins (Synodontis eupterus). She's a BIG girl, about seven inches long!

Moby Dick

This, of course, is Moby Dick!!! Who were you expecting? Ralph? Look at those fins, isn't that something? You can see his front "feathers" in this picture. No picture really does these fish justice; they are absolutely gorgeous, and their fins and feathers are just beautiful. I can testify, I've seen them for myself!


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