A rare peaceful moment. You can see their more usual style in the big picture on the 45 gallon page.


or, The Bickersons, which is what I SHOULD have named them. George is on the left. I've had to separate them more than once to keep Gracie from turning George into chopped liver, and she still keeps George penned up in the plants a good portion of the time. They are as mild-mannered as can be with any other fish, but they're Hell on wheels with each other and any other angels, so they have the 45 to themselves (well, angelfishwise, that is)--I'm afraid to put anybody else in there with them. They're going on three years old and have spawned more times than I can count, and never fail to eat their eggs before they hatch. Except for the way they treat each other (and their failings as parents), they have wonderful cichlid personalities and are real pets of mine, but much as I love 'em it's probably best I never raised any fry from these two. I don't have the tank space to house any MORE cranky angels.


Gracie's a pretty girl, but she has relationship issues.


George's eyes are so dark, and his black so non-reflective, you'd think he didn't HAVE an eye on this side. The picture is straight, honest, it's George that's leaning.

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