In addition to being a happy fishkeeper, Pam is a talented artist. Evidently her talents also extend to photography!


Terry, the weather loach This is Terry, the weather loach with nine lives...well, at least two, anyway! He used up number one when he took an unscheduled trip up into the filter and got up close and personal with the impeller. Thankfully, quick work on Pam's part helped him to recover, and today he's back to his usual endearing self--minus one eye, but Pam reports it doesn't seem to have slowed him down any.
Angel the kissing gourami
Pam's pretty sailfin
Here's an interesting trio! Angel the kissing gourami, Stick the sailfin pleco and Jesse, the pretty little cory.
Closeup of Pam's pretty sailfin.
Male dwarf gourami silver molly babies
Male dwarf gourami (Colisa lalia) with a great name: Mrs. Blue-Purple Fish!!! He was named by Pam's son, who evidently felt that anything so pretty must be a girl. I think the wild-colored dwarfs are more attractive by far than any of the color morphs that have been created through selective breeding.
Pretty silver molly babies in the shadow of a red lotus.

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