Jan lives about as far north as you can get in America (well, unless you count Alaska), in Minnesota's Iron Range. Even sounds cold, doesn't it? No wonder she enjoys watching her tropical fish so much! Here are some pictures of Jan's big beauties--and her Malawis, too, which aren't QUITE so big. Jan's been keeping fish in the neighborhood of thirty years, and has agreed to share not only these pictures but some of her lengthy experience with the big guys--and why you should make absolutely sure you know what you're getting into before you buy them! Go read Impulse Fish BEFORE you pick up those cute little bala sharks for your 10 gallon tank--and thanks for sharing, Jan!!


Moses, the 17 inch pleco

Here's the famous Moses, the 17 inch pleco. Come to think of it, he's probably up to 18 by now! His tank size has grown several times in the 12 years he's been with Jan.


Some of Jan's big beauties

I love this picture. Doesn't it look exactly like Mom just walked in on their crap game? Some of Jan's big beauties, including silver dollars and the front half of one of the big bala sharks.


Jan's pretty Malawi tank

Here's Jan's pretty Malawi tank. Below is a better look at her beautiful aulonacara male.

Jan's gorgeous peacock!
her beautiful balas
Jan's gorgeous peacock!
Here are her beautiful balas--see picture below for a better perspective of their size.

That little tiny fish up at the top is an adult female guppy Whaddya mean I'm upside down?

That little tiny fish up at the top is an adult female guppy. You do the math. Tolja they were big!!

Whaddya mean I'm upside down? Everything looks all right to me!

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