Cryptocoryne lutea


This lutea shows how much crypts' appearance are influenced by their environment. When I first got it, the leaves were green, with smooth edges; some of them are still visible at the bottom, although most of the larger ones are gone. This is a 10 gallon tank with one 15 watt normal output fluorescent bulb over it, and at the time I got this plant it was a 6700K bulb. The new leaves that emerged in my tank were much more ruffled, with a bronze tint around the edges. I replaced the bulb with a GE Aqua Ray 9325K bulb about six weeks ago; since then, the new leaves have come out bronze with slight green veining. There are examples of all three types of leaves in the picture above, all on the same plant. This tank has no CO2 added, one 15 watt bulb as noted above, and gets YG once a week. Substrate is fluorite/gravel.


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